Air Booster is labeled Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

Label Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

Air Booster, through its R ’Booster solution, has just been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label by the eponymous foundation, founded by Bertrand Piccard. Committed to environmental protection, Bertrand Piccard has brought together since 2016 more than 1,000 companies around the world with a project linking both respect for ecology and economic profitability.

What are the main evaluation criteria for obtaining the Label?

  • The ability to be deployed quickly, without additional technical constraints.
  • A realistic and resilient technology replacing traditional solutions.
  • Reduction of GHGs (greenhouse gases) and carbon footprint
  • The company’s ability to quickly generate profits
  • A favorable return on investment for the user

Who awards the label?

After submitting the application, the foundation team verifies its eligibility in substance and form. The certified, voluntary and anonymous experts of Solar Impulse then independently examine the file and then produce a report that evaluates the solution on 5 main criteria.

The final jury then synthesizes the opinions of the experts to announce or not the award of the label.

Air Booster, an ecological and profitable solution

The R ’Booster solution can reduce heating bills for a steel frame building by up to 83% in winter. This feat is achieved by recovering the heat produced by the sun on the metal cladding of buildings. This heat produced is then channeled through the ventilation system. The energy thus recovered is 3 times greater than that of photovoltaics for an equivalent area. Patented, this solution makes it possible to recover, almost free of charge, calories for heating and drying purposes (agricultural foodstuffs, industrial waste, wood and sludge from wastewater treatment plants, etc.).
This solution therefore fits perfectly with the criteria for reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gases required by the Solar Impulse label.