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Discover the most frequently asked questions about our R ‘Booster solution. Whether it is on installation, renovation, compatibility with your current systems or even maintenance of the solution, you will certainly find your answers.


The R ‘Booster solution uses metal cladding to recover heat. It is therefore essential to have some in order to be able to use the system. If your building does not have a metal cladding facade, it is possible to install it over-imposed. It also allows you to add an aesthetic side to your facade. You have the choice in addition, provided it is rather dark, the color.

We recommend installing 1 m² of aerothermal panel for 20m³ of building to be heated. For example, for a ceiling height of 2.50m, between 10 and 15% of the floor area is required in aerothermal panels. For a 600m² building, with an celling height of 2.50m, between 60 and 90m² of aerothermal panels will be needed.

No. No modification will be necessary during renovation.
On a new building, it is possible to slightly undersize the traditional heating (decrease in investment).

It is not necessary to install the R ‘Booster solution on your entire facade. We recommend 1 m² of aerothermal panel for 20m³ of building to be heated. for a ceiling height of 2.50m, between 10 and 15% of the floor area is required in aerothermal panels. For a 600m² building, with a celling height of 2.50m, between 60 and 80m² of aerothermal panels will be needed.


The R ‘Booster solution is suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation. The same rules of the art as for a traditional metal cladding apply. If your project or building includes one or more metal cladding facades (south, south-east, south-west), the R ‘Booster system can be installed there. Also, if your building does not have metal siding, it is possible to install it over-imposed.

Depending on the air flow of your ventilation (hygienic flow), this may be sufficient. However, to optimize the amount of energy recovered, it may be preferable to increase the power of the motor and the size of the duct upstream thereof.

Insofar as you do not need the entire surface of your facade, it is possible to install the R ‘Booster solution while avoiding the area of your visuals.

It is recommended to install the R ‘Booster solution on the south facade, however the performance remains high on a south-east or south-west orientation. Shadows should be avoided on the chosen area.

The R ‘Booster solution probably does not apply entirely on your facade. It is therefore possible to adapt the position of the aerothermal panels in order to avoid shadowed areas.

The R ‘Booster solution complements your main heating system (heat pump, electric, gas, wood, etc.). When the R ‘Booster system starts up, the calories recovered by the solution allow the system to take over the heating of the building.

Decrees and legislation

The R ‘Booster solution allows you to comply with the new requirements of the 2020 environmental rule which requires buildings to produce more energy over the year than they consume.

It is not necessary to make a request for work as well in new as in renovation except if you want to change the color of the facade that you already have.

The system

As soon as the R ‘Booster solution starts up, it takes over from the main heating, which thus works much less, and allows you to save money.

The system saves up to 83% on your heating bill. Do not hesitate to contact us to carry out a free study which will take into account the orientation of your facades, your geographical location and more generally all the characteristics of your building.

The R ‘Booster solution connects to your building’s ventilation system. Depending on the strength of your ventilation, it will probably be necessary to increase the suction slightly. In this case, the increase will be contained within a range of € 30 to € 60 per season.

At night, thanks to its very low inertia, the metal cladding is at the same temperature as that of the outside air. During a summer night, the temperature drops regularly between 14 and 20 ° C. Thanks to the large air flow brought inside the building, the fresh air from the outside, in large quantities, replaces the warm air in the building and thus refreshes it.

The solution being composed of a succession of panels connected together independently. The non-functioning of a 3m² panel does not prevent the rest of the system from functioning and does not significantly affect performance. It is possible, and very simple, to change the damaged part.

The R ‘Booster solution itself does not need any special maintenance. However, it will be necessary to continue to ensure that of the ventilation by regularly changing the filters in accordance with the recommendations.

The lifespan of the solution is identical to that of the cladding. You will be able to enjoy the performance of R’ Booster for 50 years.

Yes, and this is a positive impact because the R ‘Booster solution systematically has an air flow rate greater than the recommended hygienic air flow rate. The renewal of the air in your building is thus much more efficient.

One does not prevent the other, you can completely install photovoltaic power, because the R ‘Booster solution leaves space available on the roof. Nevertheless, thanks to a power three times greater than that of photovoltaics, the R ‘Booster system allows a much lower ROI time than that of photovoltaics while allowing you to contribute to achieving the objectives of RE2020 and the tertiary decree.

You have total freedom regarding the choice of the color of your cladding, however to optimize performance we advise you to use a rather dark color.

The system itself does not make any noise. At the air vents, the sound level is 25 dB, which is barely audible.

In optimal condition, the power is 600Wc / m², that is to say three times more powerful than photovoltaics.

The system is guaranteed for 10 years after its installation.


Yes, as long as the siding is rather dark.

Yes, provided that the chosen area is more oriented south (south-east / south-west) and that there is no shadow cast on the facade at this chosen location.

Once installed, the system is invisible from the outside and does not stand out from the panels that have not received the R ‘Booster solution. From the inside, a collecting duct is necessary and can if necessary be hidden in the plenum.

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