R' Booster, the heating metal-cladding

Recover solar energy for free from the walls of your buildings with metal casings thanks to an innovative, simple, aesthetic, reliable, durable, inexpensive and above all very efficient solution.

Label Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

Reduce your energy bill by up to 83% over a season

A return on investment in 2 to 7 years thanks to the savings made

The solution is invisible from the outside, in renovation or new

What is R' Booster ?

Air Booster transforms your metal cladding into a powerful heat exchanger.

On contact with the sun-heated cladding, the circulating air heats up as it travels through the channels, then is directed inside the building to heat it free of charge.

Your energy bill drops considerably.

What are you going to do with this almost free energy thus recovered?

  • Heat in winter?
  • Cool in summer?
  • Dry cereals, fodder, fruits, wood, paper, liquids for freeze-drying, industrial waste, sludge from wastewater treatment plants?
  • The 3 ?
The power in winter is 600Wp / m², ie 3x more than photovoltaics!

Find out what R 'Booster can do for you

Air Booster marketing its R’ Booster solution. Installable on all types of buildings, new as well as renovation. Easy to use and requires no maintenance, R’ Booster allows you to save up to 83% on your heating bill thanks to the use of the sun’s energy. Made from metal siding, this solution allows you to comply with the new RE2020 standard.

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Label Solar Impulse Efficient Solution
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