Air Booster becomes Alumni Cleantech

When we entered the Cleantech Open France competition at Bpifrance in Paris on September 21, we were driven by a single ambition: to showcase our low-carbon energy siding solution to a panel of expert judges. Today, as a finalist in this competition, we are proud to announce that we have officially become a Cleantech alumni. This distinction gives us multiple advantages within Cleantech.

Greater visibility for our Solution

Being a finalist in the Cleantech Competition is recognition of the innovation and impact of our R’ Booster solution, which combats climate change while reducing energy bills. Thanks to our participation, our project is now in the spotlight within the Cleantech ecosystem.

Connections with Cleantech Partners

We are also fortunate to have access to a large network of prestigious partners. Whether for financing opportunities, technical collaboration or business development advice, our Cleantech alumni status opens the doors to a network of professionals and experts who support our development.

Privileged access to internal Cleantech events

As Cleantech alumni, we are invited to participate in exclusive internal events organized by the association. These events are an opportunity to meet other innovators and entrepreneurs, exchange ideas and forge strategic partnerships. Access to these events will enable us to stay at the cutting edge of our sector and continue to develop our professional network.

Our Cleantech adventure has opened doors for us and enabled us to join a new community full of ambition. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our project, and look forward to sharing with you the next successes of this high-energy adventure.